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    If there is anything that should bring you money without any form of stress, it is your real estate investment. But in Lagos this is not always the case. With years of experience in property and facility management, I have seen so many reasons why it is difficult to manage one’s property as a landlord especially in Lagos.

    Tenancy in Lagos is affected by a lot situations, so real estate managers do not only manage properties but they have grown to having measures in place that helps in managing to a large extent the tenants. By this, they have been able to keep the properties in good shape, earn the trust of their clients (landlords) by crediting them on time and in a way building a cordial relationship with the tenants.

    They provide counsels and real life situations to tenants faced with different issues withholding them from paying their rent as at when due. Unfortunately after doing all to stand and to prove their love and care for the tenant, they may need to take up some matters up with law if their patience was seen to have been taken for granted. As simple as this may seem, it can be a very difficult task for landlords and add to the list of the things they worry about. So at their good old age when they are to be enjoying the fruits of their labour and the proceeds of their real estate investment, they are burdened with many worries which do not only cause them to be restless but have a great impact on their health.

    This happens to some landlords that live abroad whose tenants capitalise on this and delay their rent payment for different funny reasons leaving the landlord worried and unnecessarily stressed. So stay off stress and unnecessary empathy, consult a registered real estate management company, leave your property in their care while you enjoy your life and live it to the fullest.




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